Where Are MT Democrats?

I forwarded copies of my post on The Montana GOP platform plank which proclaims the intention to criminalize gay people to our senators, governor and even our representative. So far, no response.

Not even the courtesy of a reply letter.

Does anyone have any pull here? Where are the Montana Democrats on this issue?

I suspect that just the word “homosexual” strikes fear into the heart of any democrat in Montana up for election, re-election or simply holding onto their office. It’s a divisive issue. But let’s face it, it’s a divisive issue simply because no one in high public office has had the balls to address the ignorance, flaming bigotry and simple unfairness of general public knowledge/attitudes on the part of some of the population of this state.

This is not about the gays. Well it is, probably too much so, especially in the minds of terrified up-for-reelection officials- but it’s got to move beyond that into the arena of fundamental human rights. This is about biology, psychology, sociology, and justice. It is not about weighing numbers, anticipating polls and writing religious beliefs into public policy. It’s about persecuted human beings. It’s about doing what’s right. It’s about looking at the signs of the times and preserving the legacy of Montana as a state interested in human rights, not turning us into a national joke.

Democrats, where are you?

5 comments on “Where Are MT Democrats?

  1. cosmicgarden says:

    The Green Party values are specifically in support of gender equity and diversity.


  2. cosmicgarden says:

    I think most of them became Democrats…seems winning is very important in politics. The frustration with political expediency is exactly why I became a Green. I am running for office, for HD11, and I’m sick of the way our civil rights are expendable— nobody should get thrown under the bus.
    Even in death there are people not free to be ‘out’ – with suicide comes more taboo–we just don’t talk about it–and with silence it’s easy to deny the damage this hatred causes.

    I want a free country with liberty and justice for ALL.



  3. […] despite the fuss I made, that others made,  the discomfort from one Montana Republican leader (no leader of the Democrats said a word), the platform plank is still there. No one really paid much attention. Despite my letters to […]


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