Steve Bullock Has My Vote

…and so does Jon Tester, Kim Gillan, Pam Bucy, Denise Juneau and, locally, Tom Woods.

And, as I explained in a previous post, here’s why:

I’m voting for the candidate who most represents my views, just as everyone should. I’m against the death penalty, want women to make their own choices about their health, support legal recognition of same-sex relationships, and am a fan of higher education and preserving a clean planet. I want healthcare and insurance companies to be reasonable and efficient- and treat people with mental illness and substance issues with dignity and respect. I want the justice system to be fair to all citizens. I want church and state to be separate. I want the poor and disadvantaged to be given every chance to succeed.

The Democratic Candidates in this election most closely reflect these views.

And, I believe, have the most experience and qualifications under their collective belts.

None of the Republicans even come close.

The Montana Taliban’s Jihad

Yesterday, the Montana House of Representatives voted to nullify any local anti-discrimination ordinances (Missoula and Bozeman), forcing cities and towns to rely on state law which doesn’t protect LGBT persons from discrimination. 60 Republicans voted for the bill, all 32 House Democrats joined by seven enlightened Republicans voted against. From The Missoulian

It was the second bill that passed Tuesday to nullify a locally adopted policy in Missoula. Earlier, the House banned enactment of local initiatives such as the one Missoula County voters approved in 2006 to make marijuana crimes the lowest priority of law enforcement.
“It is ironic that the first bill of the day and the last bill of the day both intend to override the expressed will of Missoulians to govern ourselves as we see fit,” said Rep. Diane Sands, D-Missoula.

It’s time to call a spade a spade.

There is only one way to describe the faction of the Montana Republican party which is voting to legislate their own arrogant morality, usurping the clear will of persons in municipalities to govern themselves in favor of theological, idealogical and biblical precepts while blatantly ignoring science, reason and due diligence: Religious extremism.

Like The Taliban.

And there is not much they won’t do to erode the rights of other human beings- including ignoring valid democratic processes. I almost believe that they won’t be happy until the statue of the Goddess of Liberty is torn from the top of the Capitol Building and replaced with a cross….

In my opinion, term limits have simply contributed to this process, giving people no chance to cultivate relationships and actually govern. Instead, people are focused on issues and positions, not long-term goals and objectives.

Montana’s Taliban needs to be called to accountability. I refuse to believe that the will of the people is to strip other human beings of protections which were carefully put into place by those who know them best. I refuse to believe that the majority of Montanans approve of the ignorant, dirty dancing these legislators are doing in the name of God their constituents. I refuse to believe that most Montanans want LGBT persons discriminated against, maimed- perhaps dead, because of a lack of protection.

Prove me right. Please.

Where Are MT Democrats?

I forwarded copies of my post on The Montana GOP platform plank which proclaims the intention to criminalize gay people to our senators, governor and even our representative. So far, no response.

Not even the courtesy of a reply letter.

Does anyone have any pull here? Where are the Montana Democrats on this issue?

I suspect that just the word “homosexual” strikes fear into the heart of any democrat in Montana up for election, re-election or simply holding onto their office. It’s a divisive issue. But let’s face it, it’s a divisive issue simply because no one in high public office has had the balls to address the ignorance, flaming bigotry and simple unfairness of general public knowledge/attitudes on the part of some of the population of this state.

This is not about the gays. Well it is, probably too much so, especially in the minds of terrified up-for-reelection officials- but it’s got to move beyond that into the arena of fundamental human rights. This is about biology, psychology, sociology, and justice. It is not about weighing numbers, anticipating polls and writing religious beliefs into public policy. It’s about persecuted human beings. It’s about doing what’s right. It’s about looking at the signs of the times and preserving the legacy of Montana as a state interested in human rights, not turning us into a national joke.

Democrats, where are you?