A Renaissance of Outrage

In light of the recent “Conservative Revival” in our political/social/religious environment, I celebrated by watching the movie Outrage. An amazingly interesting movie about the shame that rules the gays in politics- and in Washington D.C. The amount of personal shame and fear that being gay arouses among politicians is tragic and fascinating at the same time. I recommend it as a cathartic way of dealing with the current reality.

What makes a self-loathing homosexual/bisexual etc. person work so hard to persecute their fellows? Fear. Fear of losing power, status, dignity and self-worth. All of which are illusory anyway, since, for those still in the closet, they’re based on a lie. And lies aren’t good for anybody in the long run. Truth is a universally held value, especially if you’re a believing Christian. Ironic that the people who most vehemently espouse the teachings of the man who said “The truth will set you free” shrink just as vehemently from it….

Ironic and sad. Which is why I have no problem with outing people who actively persecute us- they’re secret cannibals. And I will be watching several people in politics whom I know are conservative and gay- and not out. Watching carefully. And holding them accountable. I think we have to. This is the time for all fair-minded people to pay attention and not let anyone get away with lies. We can’t afford to.

On of the more interesting comments in Outrage was that “Washington would grind to a halt without it’s gay people”. Interesting idea.

Strike anyone?

One comment on “A Renaissance of Outrage

  1. gg says:

    Living here in a blue state, being a gay politician has no stigma as in other places. The pompous twit Archbishop Raymond Burke would have been run out of town if he pulled that crap here, which is Massachusetts. Regarding the Rev Burke, the line “the lady doth protest too much” comes to mind. I’m waiting for someone to yell “Butch it up, Burkey-poo!”

    But I digress. To be a closeted politician and a GOP one at that (aka kapo) makes me wonder what sort of psychotropics they take so they can sleep. They’re a psychotherapist’s wet dream….but I won’t parse that one if ya know what I mean. If ya don’t, don’t worry about it.



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