Still Time To Be A Proud Producer- And I’m Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

There’s only 1 week left!

Montana Pride 2012 and Wet Paint Studios are working to bring a quality film about Montana diversity to life- and we want your help. Films are expensive to make- and every contribution is important. From their Indiegogo webpage:

The LGBTQI community is coming out of the woodwork.  With political gains such as the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and the Obama Administration’s affirmation of promoting equality for the LGBTQI community, more and more people are coming out and showing their true selves to the world.

And yet, in rural Montana, sometimes their only opportunity is at annually held Montana Pride.  In a state of just a million people, ideas come in slowly.  For some, Montana Pride, held annually in June, is what affirms themselves in the LGBTQI community, as well as the greater community.

“Outside The Lines” explores what it means to be an LGBTQI in Montana, and why pride is more than a weekend celebration in diversity.  Using Montana Pride as our anchor, we plan on exploring how attitudes towards the LGBTQI community has changed in Montana, how Pride brings people together for a weekend of celebration, and how that celebration needs to carry on through everyday life.

Our filming will take place during Montana Pride, held in Bozeman once again June 15-17.  We are also currently lining up interviews with prominent members of the gay community, such as leaders of PFLAG (Parents, Family, Friends, of Lesbians and Gays), representatives of our legal system, teachers, and activist college students.

Plus, every contribution over $10.00 gets a “perk”- which includes Producer credits (you have to be in for more than 10 bucks to get that). It’s an amazing opportunity- and I’ve already kicked in $50 bucks. 

If they get five more donations today, I’ll kick in an extra $50.00. Come on- even $10 will get us closer to our goal!

To see how you can be a producer, click here:

True Story

From my friends at the True Stories Project:

Last week President Obama “evolved” on marriage equality, coming to the conclusion that, personally, he supported the right to marry for gay and lesbian couples.

We couldn’t be any happier or prouder – after all, we’re in the evolution business, nudging along hearts and minds one audience at a time.

500 Screenings!

In fact, last month, we reached our 500th community screening of Inlaws & Outlaws with a very special screening to raise money for our new partners, Washington United for Marriage.

As wonderful as that evening was, we are no less proud of our 499th screening, put together by two churches and a PFLAG chapter in a small town in southwestern Washington. They got over a hundred folks to turn out on a Tuesday night and got a wonderful article in the local paper. The 501st was presented by students at Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana as part of Diversity Week. A Virginia chapter of Integrity,the LGBT Episcopal organization put on the 502nd.  And Number 503 kicked off the first Pride Week at Salish-Kootenai College, a small tribal school in rural Montana – the first of three screenings this month in that state.  

We could go on — and we’d love to!  But we can’t do it without you.

With marriage equality finally center stage on the national agenda, we wanted to make it even easier for schools, congregations, and non-profits to host our next 500 screenings.

Introducing our Equality Deal, an easy way to host a screening of Inlaws & Outlaws for free, raise money for your local organization and help more folks evolve in your community.

Here’s how it works:

Equality Deal!

  • First, you pick an Equality Deal package that’s the right size for you.   The screening license is free when you purchase a package of DVDs with the Equality Deal.
  • Next, register your event with us, and we’ll make you a nice event page and give you access to lots of free tools to help promote it.
  • Then, at your film showing, you sell the DVDs at full price, making back your money and, keeping the extra for you or your cause.

We designed it to be win-win, and a great way for us to helping folks in our community evolve. Check out the Equality Deal.  We are so ready to welcome you to our Outlaws Posse.

We all know that the fight for equality is truly about love, family, belonging, the pursuit of happiness – something all Americans can relate to.   That’s been the idea behind Inlaws & Outlawsfrom the start. All we have to do is share our stories, and that truth becomes eviden to our friends and neighbors. And that’s how you build support for equality.
With gratitude and pride,
Drew Emery

PS  If you’re not up for hosting a screening, consider making a donation to our Hearts + Minds Campaign. Every $100 of support helps us offer a free screening to a community organization to help create change.

A Renaissance of Outrage

In light of the recent “Conservative Revival” in our political/social/religious environment, I celebrated by watching the movie Outrage. An amazingly interesting movie about the shame that rules the gays in politics- and in Washington D.C. The amount of personal shame and fear that being gay arouses among politicians is tragic and fascinating at the same time. I recommend it as a cathartic way of dealing with the current reality.

What makes a self-loathing homosexual/bisexual etc. person work so hard to persecute their fellows? Fear. Fear of losing power, status, dignity and self-worth. All of which are illusory anyway, since, for those still in the closet, they’re based on a lie. And lies aren’t good for anybody in the long run. Truth is a universally held value, especially if you’re a believing Christian. Ironic that the people who most vehemently espouse the teachings of the man who said “The truth will set you free” shrink just as vehemently from it….

Ironic and sad. Which is why I have no problem with outing people who actively persecute us- they’re secret cannibals. And I will be watching several people in politics whom I know are conservative and gay- and not out. Watching carefully. And holding them accountable. I think we have to. This is the time for all fair-minded people to pay attention and not let anyone get away with lies. We can’t afford to.

On of the more interesting comments in Outrage was that “Washington would grind to a halt without it’s gay people”. Interesting idea.

Strike anyone?