Gregory Hinton on “Home Ground”

My dear friend and Out West Executive Producer, Gregory Hinton did a radio interview with Brian Kahn on Home Ground for Yellowstone Public Radio recently.

He talks about growing up in the American West as a gay man, expressing articulately and beautifully many of the struggles that we all share. He also speaks to the need for greater understanding of the gifts and stories that LGBT persons bring to our life here.

Listen to the program. (29 mins)

One comment on “Gregory Hinton on “Home Ground”

  1. Teresa Hastings says:

    I listened to Gregory Hinton’s interview with Brian Kahn a few weeks ago. I’m very excited about Out West!! I came across this blog while searching for information about Gregory, and Out West, because I hope our Holter Museum in Helena will bring Out West to town so we can experience it as well. Montana needs as much knowledge as it can absorb to combat the tide of ignorance that’s decended on our capital during this legislative session.

    I once heard a comment about hate crimes. I don’t remember the exact words, but this is what I got out of it. We need to refer to these crimes as “Crimes of Ignorance.” The word “hate” gives some people a sense of power; it feels good to hate. By calling it what it really is takes away from that power. Who wants to be seen as ignorant?


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