So, I’ve been very busy with Phyllis as you can imagine. She arrived from Billings on Thursday afternoon, met  Ken and me, Bandit and Quimby and then I drove her to Butte to live in the Big House the next day.

Through it all she’s been a trooper- met lots of new people and dogs, took car trips, and never really freaked out. In fact, she’s been remarkably easy. She sleeps through the night, crates when she’s asked- and is content to be in there chewing her toys (as long as she can see me). She did that while I worked with several clients on Friday, sitting quietly or sleeping during sessions.

So, for your enjoyment, a few pictures from that initial meeting.

Phyllis has two daddies

"You are now under my power..."

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  1. Montana Cowgirl says:

    SO CUTE!!


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