I’ve been busy with clients and doing an interview (which includes editing- my first crack at it) with Jason Marsden, Executive Director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation, to air on SameSexSunday.

I have to say, it was fascinating- both the interview and the process. We discussed the Wyoming legislature’s attempt to repeal a 130 year-old law recognizing all legal marriages performed elsewhere- and right now, that includes same-sex marriages. We talked about being a gay, rural kid and country-style activism, and finally, about what the Matthew Shepard Foundation is up to.

Like I said good stuff. I’ll put up the links when I get them.

You are subscribing to SameSexSunday, aren’t you?

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  1. gg says:

    I’ve passed the word along. And added that my voodoo doll is at the ready for those who ignore the cause.

    We have 3 ft of snow as of Thursday but that don’t stop us hardcrusted New Englanders. We just turn on the tv when Tea Party Twits and the Cosa Nostra Diva Princess. Ms Sarah P start to yak and all that bull shit and methane melts the ice and snow. Gotta be practical and how green can you git?



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