When Was The Last Time A Christian’s House Was Burned Down?

I know. Provocative question.

But I can’t help asking it when I see stories of deliberate arson evicting LGBT’s from the safety of their homes. I also ask the question (appropriately modified) when I see ant-queer graffiti, read about harassment and beatings involving people who are too much like me to make me feel beyond it.

This house, owned by a gay couple in Clayton, North Carolina was destroyed early Friday morning. The story is here.

There was a history of anti-gay messages, graffiti, harassment and vandalism before the blaze. The couple is not identified for “fear of their safety”. The neighbor who talked to the reporter also did so only anonymously. We are afraid.

And the Christianists call us a threat- among other nasty things.

So for the purposes of argument I will ask the following questions to those who believe equality only applies to white, heterosexual, cis-gendered, procreating, (&etc) Christians:

  • When was the last time a group of LGBTIQ persons beat up a straight person?
  • When did Graffiti with the word “Breeders” adorn the house of a straight family?
  • When did a gay terrorist group burn down a Christian house just because they were Christian?
  • When did an LGBT Pastor make the news for slandering and approving of violence against straights?
  • Etc, etc.

But the reverse? Happens all the time. And we take it. Mostly, we do.

Fucked, ain’t it?

And I can’t help but feeling if we don’t get our act together and start acting like a community instead of picking little fights all over the place, squabbling over minutiae that, in the final analysis makes little difference (check the comments section of any LGBT blog), it’s going to continue to get worse.

I am not advocating that we become terrorists, or engage in any similar behavior, only that we be radically truthful. Self-defensive, if you will.

I know. Go ahead. That’s what the comments section is for.

2 comments on “When Was The Last Time A Christian’s House Was Burned Down?

  1. This town isn’t that far from where I grew up. My neck of the woods. Perhaps I shouldn’t be too surprised. But I am, and shocked and saddened.

    You’re right, the hate seems to flow one way. And that I must continue to try to love is a hard truth. But I must. We must. We MUST!


  2. J says:

    Who say this was caused by a “Christian”? Maybe a teenager who doesn’t understand that God does not want such actions. The couple couldn’t sell their house, so they took it off the market, but still were moving. Police say the fire was caused from inside the house. It wouldn’t be difficult to setup a timer that would start a fire at a preset time. Or they could have left something on that started the fire. My church has never ever invoked violence against any group. Peace be with you.


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