Wherein I Become A Twit

Yes. It’s true. I joined The Twitter.

There are way too many easy jokes to make about it- especially the amount of uncouth words containing “t” “w” and, again, “t”.

Not to mention the fun with vowels.

We’ll see. If there are any experienced Twits out there, I would appreciate the help….

3 comments on “Wherein I Become A Twit

  1. gg says:

    So much for cognative therapy. Albert Ellis, why did you have to die? Oh well, like you said, ‘neurosis is whining.’

    “To twit” as an infinitive? We are doomed.


  2. *snicker* Well, TRUTH be told, I follow folks but only had one occasion to tweet and that was by accident. Which I have since erased. But- its great for unfolding events, sortofa new style AP/REUTERS feed with colour no less!


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