MT Legislator Janna Taylor Fears Blowdart-brandishing HIV+ Inmates

This has got to be seen to be believed.

Via Intelligent Discontent, one ignorant legislator’s fear-mongering and ignorance about HIV:

Just to be clear she is WRONG.
HIV is a very fragile virus that dies within seconds outside the body. It is only spread by blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk- and there has to be enough virus to enter the bloodstream- it cannot penetrate healthy skin. An excellent resource is here.

On second thought, why don’t we all mail her the link?
Her email:
And if you’d like to call to register your displeasure at her shameless behavior, 406-849-6096

Update: My letter:

Dear Ms Taylor,

The information you casually threw out on the floor of the Senate today regarding HIV is completely and utterly wrong.
HIV could not be transmitted that way, and it is irresponsible of you to further that ignorant myth.
Some excellent information about HIV transmission is here if you’d care to read it:
As an HIV educator and as an HIV+ person, I find your words ridiculous and reprehensible- and I believe you owe the people of Montana an apology.
D Gregory Smith

Totally feel free to copy, embellish, etc.


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  2. cosmicgarden says:

    I ran against her. Here is my take on the death penalty:
    Many of us even went to Helena to speak to her about it.
    Seems she doesn’t really “work for us” like she says.
    Maybe I’ll bring her a tinfoil hat to see if that will make her feel any safer.


  3. Nancy McCampbell says:

    OMG, can’t place her accent. I thought perhaps Fargo? But now I think, Uranus. What a sick broad.


  4. gg says:

    As suggested, I emailed the following:

    Rep. Janna Taylor,
    How long have you believed in the tooth fairy and on which planet do you reside? Have you ever heard of Google? Do you know to use it or verify things with Snopes? I’d suggest you stop reading the Brothers Grimm and try the CDC.

    Madam Taylor, you are one twisted sister.

    George Grassby


  5. Adam says:

    My email to Ms. Taylor:
    “Please stay out of Michigan It’s where I live, and the thought of an ill-informed, fear-mongering, rumor-spreading individual such as yourself possibly living in my neighborhood–let alone serving in my government–terrifies me more than any crazy scenario you could possibly dream up. As we saw in Arizona, it’s a slippery slope from one person’s “don’t retreat, reload” rhetoric to another unbalanced person’s picking up a weapon. Don’t be an instrument of violence.

    Do me another favor. Read this link:

    Then go visit a hospital and spend a day volunteering to help HIV+ patients.”

    Her response:
    “I did not say what you heard. It was way taken out of contacts.”


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