Rehberg Can’t Even Make A Veiled Threat

It’s arrogant, overt- and dangerous. From Cowgirl:

It has been one month since six people where gunned down and killed in Tuscon including Federal Judge John Roll and while Cong. Gabby Gifford recovers in a rehab facility, her colleague  Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg of Montana takes this whole civility thing I think to a new low, a new level.
In a prepared speech to the Montana Legilsature, a prespare speech Rehberg questions a federal judges decision to put the gray wolf on the endangered species list.
(Rehberg)“When I first heart this decision like many of you, I wanted to take action immediately.
I asked ‘How can we put some of these judicial activists on the endangered species act.’
Im still working on that.”
[loud laughter from GOP legislators]

Read the rest and see the video here.

Now a YouTube video: 

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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers says:

    Like your site, DGS. Now that I know it’s here, I’ll be back. Write on, dude!


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