So, we’re buying a house. I’ve never owned a house before. I haven’t slept much.
I’m also at the Montana Community Planning Group for HIV Prevention (today through Saturday) in Helena.
And I’m trying to edit an interview for Same Sex Sunday.
So, my time is pretty much spoken for, and posts will be a little less frequent this week. But I’m still watching things, so you might see some late-night posts popping up from time to time….

Lots going on, but thanks for reading!
If you have a tip, send it to me through the comments….

3 comments on “Life

  1. michele says:

    take care dear friend!! :)!! did you see where the UK is banning Christians with issues with sexuality from adopting or fostering kids? I put the link up at PFLAG Bozeman.
    Congrats on the house!! take a deep breath and just enjoy it!! 🙂


  2. Richard W. Fitch says:

    Congratulations! Homeownership can be a wonderful and terrifying experience. On Mar. 6 I celebrate 13 yrs of “signing my life away” with a mortage. It is a decison I will never regret.


  3. jack says:

    my tip would be to concentrate on and enjoy your full life. as i see it, its a bitterly disappointing world out there for liberals and other fair minded people right about now.


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