So, we’re buying a house. I’ve never owned a house before. I haven’t slept much.
I’m also at the Montana Community Planning Group for HIV Prevention (today through Saturday) in Helena.
And I’m trying to edit an interview for Same Sex Sunday.
So, my time is pretty much spoken for, and posts will be a little less frequent this week. But I’m still watching things, so you might see some late-night posts popping up from time to time….

Lots going on, but thanks for reading!
If you have a tip, send it to me through the comments….


…in more ways than one.

The estate sale was a great success, but the house needs some help. I’ll be putting things together, and preparing, because there’s still so much STUFF-even after truckloads went out. I’m having dreams about books falling on me…. I think we’re gonna need an auction to clear this place up. Srsly.

I was in Billings Friday and Saturday presenting at Yellowstone AIDS Project, went to the Carroll Homecoming game with some dear friends, then back to Butte. Needless to say, I’m wiped out.

But Ken Spencer gets all the kudos. He’s the hero of the weekend and of my life.
He stayed behind with Karen Barnhardt to make sure it all went well. They both deserve gold medals- and they might even get them. Oh, and if you ever need an estate sales agent, Tim Gordon‘s your man. He and Amy and Nathan rode in like the cavalry and rescued me from an overwhelming situation.

So, recouping and regrouping.