HB 516-Take Action Without Moving From Your Chair

I have sent a letter to the Senate Local Government Committee to oppose HB 516, which would nullify the Missoula Equality Ordinance and Bozeman’s anti-bullying and equality resolutions. I would suggest everyone who opposes this bill should do the same. A large number of voices is a better bet at actually being heard by this committee, so I’m going to make it easy for you.

Here’s the link so that you can make your own voice heard:  http://leg.mt.gov/css/sessions/62nd/legwebmessage.asp

And here’s my statement. Feel free to use any part of it that you’d like to use. There are also some scientific statistics for your use here:

RE MT HB 516:

  1. Every community should have the right to decide its own ordinances of inclusion. Ordinances of exclusion, usually reserved for dictatorships, theocratic states and societies of intolerance are another matter.
  2. Creating a law that disallows protection is counterintuitive to the purpose of government as set forth in both the Federal and State Constitutions, in which are stated explicitly the government’s purpose to protect the citizenry from discrimination, violence and other harms.
  3. This is an attempt to write prejudice and bigotry into the law. It is an attempt to tie local ordinances to State law in a way which keeps government from evolving as understanding, both scientific and social, creating a top-down model, instead of a cooperative, interdynamic process.
  4. It is a blatant and ignorant effort to push a personal agenda of intolerance toward LGBT persons in obvious defiance of biological, social and psychological science.
  5. This bill is discrimination and rejection of the right of communities to protect the citizens as they believe necessary. It enshrines bigotry, ignorance and personal belief in defiance of science, human experience and freedom.