More Heat For Rehberg?

Nah, that would mean investigative journalism from the local mainstream media.

You certainly have to love the Montana media and Montana’s Congressman. The former never felt it necessary to cover the national news that Rehberg called Pell Grants welfare but decided he should get an op-ed in every newspaper defending his position, while the latter is pretending to be reforming Pell Grants when all he is doing is working to cut them, increasing college costs for students and families.

Read it and weep. Or, better idea- start a Montana newspaper and get a multimillionaire to fund your investigative journalism team….

One comment on “More Heat For Rehberg?

  1. Tim says:

    It’s funny to hear the left call the media “corporate” (which it is) and the right call it biased against right-wingers (which it also is).

    I wish there were a better solution, but the only one I’m finding right now is to work on it yourself and it get it submitted independently to somewhere independent like a blog or weekly. 😦 Good luck!


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