Tracy Morgan And Montana

You may have heard that actor Tracy Morgan (30 Rock) mentioned in his stand up act in Nashville Tennessee that if his son were gay, he would “pull out a knife and stab” him.

Of course, GLAAD and HRC were all over him, as were many in the LGBT and the mainstream media. And Morgan later apologized.

So what does Tracy Morgan have to do with the State of Montana?

Well, Montana got away with it.

Both the actor’s statements and the official Montana Republican Party Platform plank calling for the criminalization of The Gays are equally offensive to me. Morgan’s statement much like the Montana GOP sends a clear and dangerous message to gay and lesbian youth: You are not our equal. You are criminally offensive.

Tracy Morgan is one man, the Montana GOP represents a whole STATE.

So, where was GLAAD? Where was HRC? Where were the Log Cabin Republicans? Where was our local media?

Just another reason to not renew my HRC membership this year. To the big LGBT rights organizations, it seems, Montana doesn’t matter.

We’re collateral damage.




3 comments on “Tracy Morgan And Montana

  1. Ted Hayes says:

    “So what does Tracy Morgan have to do with the State of Montana?”

    The similarities are greater than may first be evident. Comedians will do anything that brings a laugh and brings in the money. Politicians will do anything that secures a vote and that will bring in the money for re-election coffers. Neither will apologize for their ignorance until they are called to task and then there is little evidence that their “remorse” is genuine. They only regret having been found out as the hatred-spewing bigots they are.


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