Mitchell Gold takes on Peter Sprigg

From Faith In America:

… longtime LGBT advocate and Faith in America Founder Mitchell Gold disarms one of the most vitriolic voices within the anti-gay religious industry. This is how we confront religion-based bigotry toward the LGBT community and the hostility the Religious Right and its anti-gay organizations promote toward our community.

Watch as Mitchell takes on the semi-psychotic hysteria of Peter Sprigg. Mitchell’s reasoned, measured and firm responses are just one of the reasons that this guy is one of my heroes.

4 comments on “Mitchell Gold takes on Peter Sprigg

  1. Ted Hayes says:

    I still wonder about this. Doesn’t it seem strange to anyone but me that Peter Sprigg and Tony Perkins are so obsessed with homosexuality? Is their involvement a diversionary tactic to keep closer attention toward themselves at bay? Maybe they can find another playmate in “Dr.” Marcus Bachmann.

    Just a thought.


  2. Teresa says:

    I clicked on the Faith in America link and came across this great document, “A Report by Faith in America: Addressing Religious Arguments to Achieve LGBT Equality.” I found this is the document. “In 2006, the organization began a series of four-week educational campaigns in a number of communities across America with print newspaper ads, billboards and radio ads with polling conducted prior to the start and several weeks after each campaign – which had closed with a community meeting to discuss religion-based bigotry toward the LGBT community. Polling in each campaign showed positive movement in acceptance levels.” How do we go about doing this in Montana before the next legislative session?


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