The Missoulian and other media outlets are reporting that, according to the 2010 Census:

The number of gay and lesbian households in Montana has grown more than 54 percent over the last decade, and more than a quarter of those couples are raising children.

Census data released Thursday show there were 2,295 Montana households with same-sex couples in 2010. That’s compared to 1,482 in 2000.

More than 28 percent, or 655 households, are raising children under 18 years old. The 2010 Census tracked that information for the first time.

My first response to this news was to think, “Twice as many Montana same-sex households haven’t been ‘created’ in the last ten years- they’re just being reported.” But, then again, I just started one myself, so who knows?

Whatever the reason, I just love that the numbers have almost doubled. That particular reality must make some people very nervous….

However, the fact that more than a quarter of those reported are raising children is important, especially in light of the fact that some Montana school districts have been battlegrounds for comprehensive sex education- education which includes discussion of a broad understanding of sexuality. These battles are seemingly fought in ignorance to the rapidly dawning (and expanding!) reality of  family diversity- even here in the wilds of Montana.

655 same-sex households are raising children- that’s at least 655 children who will have acceptance and understanding of diversity from a first person viewpoint. That’s at least 655 children who will know that good parenting doesn’t depend on heterosexual orientation. And their friends and the parents of their friends will know it, too.


Read more: http://missoulian.com/news/state-and-regional/article_03b13acc-ae18-11e0-a84d-001cc4c03286.html#ixzz1S5tyHllQ

2 comments on “WE’RE HERE

  1. froggy12 says:

    Boy, you folks are ripe for the Bachmann family circus to show up and pray all that gay stuff away. So stock up on your garlic, holy water, voodoo dolls and call your local shaman and get ready! Be suspicious when you see any vehicles with license plates from Iowa, Minnesota and of course Texas. The Westboro Baptist Church is always fair game.

    Happy Bastille Day! Aux Barricades!



  2. d.g. says:

    One indeed hopes that family of origin engenders “acceptance and understanding”. One truly hopes. One should not assume, however, that the crazy pendulum that makes us human will swing perfectly in a preferred direction. Certainly we cannot guarantee that all same-sex homes are so balanced at the twelve-o’clock hour that the bells will toll only for the emotionally healthy. Chances are the sorting out of one’s childhood will be equally as reactive within the newly reported statistical numbers as it was within and among the traditional definition of marriage ala’ 1952. One simply hopes the buffer zone of eventual acceptance is slightly less stringent and reactive.


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