Poem For Labor Day 2011


Welcome, life’s toil! I thank the gracious Giver
Who find my heart and hands their work to do;
That labor done still multiplies forever,
And each swift hour and moment claims its due,.

I pity him who sits him down repining,
Bound in his idleness__a silken thong;
He hates the sun and wearies of its shining;
His moments creep__for empty days are long.

My days are full, ! have no far off “mission;”
My work is near; ’tis only mine to stand
Accepting tasks that spring from my condition__
Doing, as best I may, the work at hand.

It may be small: yet, drop by drop is added
to make the gentle flow, the steady stream;
The smallest needle, if ’tis often threaded
By patient hand, may sew the longest seam.

The finest strands may twist into a cable;
Small stones be piled till looms a pyramid,
Slow, patient thought may break the crust of fable,
Beneath which golden mines of truth be hid.

I cannot always see my cable growing;
Nor always see my pile of stones increase;
Yet, while I toil__ the still years swiftly going__
This fruit of labor bears; it bringeth peace.

__Ellen P. Allerton.

Walls of Corn and Other Poems
by Ellen P. Allerton
Collected and Published by Eva Ryan
(Hiawatha: The Harrington Printing Co. 1894)
Page 204-205