Reasonable Evangelicals Disavow “Fundamentalist Rejection Of Reason”

Today’s Op-Ed piece in by Karl Giberson and Randall J Stephens in The NYT is a piece well worth reading.

For many people, “Evangelical Christian” has become code for “Christian, anti-scientist”. The writers of todays column point out that this isn’t necessarily so- or fair. The vocal minority who claim Evangelical Christianity are, in fact, not so. They are Fundamentalists. Excerpt:

Like other evangelicals, we accept the centrality of faith in Jesus Christ and look to the Bible as our sacred book, though we find it hard to recognize our religious tradition in the mainstream evangelical conversation. Evangelicalism at its best seeks a biblically grounded expression of Christianity that is intellectually engaged, humble and forward-looking. In contrast, fundamentalism is literalistic, overconfident and reactionary. (emphasis mine)

Fundamentalism is dangerous. In case you have forgotten, Fundamentalists were the ones who hijacked and piloted planes into the World Trade Center. Of a different religion, yes, but adhering to the same principles. The writers haven’t forgotten, and they are reminding the rest of the world that these few don’t speak for the rest:

Americans have always trusted in God, and even today atheism is little more than a quiet voice on the margins. Faith, working calmly in the lives of Americans from George Washington to Barack Obama, has motivated some of America’s finest moments. But when the faith of so many Americans becomes an occasion to embrace discredited, ridiculous and even dangerous ideas, we must not be afraid to speak out, even if it means criticizing fellow Christians.


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  1. literary lew says:

    Very good. Bravo! I am not an evangelical Christian but my roots are there and I still have tremendous respect for the evangelical tradition. It is very important that people like you continue to “hold forth” and in so doing follow the advice of T. S. Eliot to “purify the dialect of the tribe.”

    I invite you to check out my post today. You might find it of interest. (From Greg: It’s here:
    Thanks again.


  2. d.g. says:

    Wish I could remember the comedian who said: “I love Jesus and I love Elvis. It is their groupies who scare the hell out of me.” (or something to that effect)


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