Meet Pam Bucy

If you haven’t met her yet- or heard of her- she’s a contender for the Democratic nomination for Montana Attorney General.

As far as I’m concerned, the only real choice.

I like Jesse Laslovich- he’s a go-getter, very enthusiastic, personable and has a lot of energy- but I just can’t see him filling the AG’s shoes, especially when we have someone of Pam’s caliber in the race. So, I thought I’d give a minute to someone who’s taken more than a minute with me.

From The Havre Daily News:

She said her policy differences with Laslovich probably aren’t as different as they are with the more conservative Shockley, but she said she would campaign on her experience.

She has held high-level positions with Montana Department of Justice and the Labor Department and has been in private practice. Bucy, 43, pointed out that Laslovich is “just 30, and five years out of law school,” and has never argued a case before the Montana Supreme Court.

Her resume’ is pretty impressive:

Pam studied law at the University of Montana and immediately after receiving her degree, went to work as a criminal prosecutor with the Lewis & Clark County Attorney’s office.  In that role, she gained a solid understanding of the various issues surrounding our criminal justice system and successfully prosecuted hundreds of cases, including DUI, domestic violence, theft and homicide.

During her seven years as Executive Assistance Attorney General under former AG and current Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike McGrath, Pam represented the State of Montana in complex civil and criminal matters before the Montana Supreme Court.  She also spearheaded the Department of Justice’s efforts to pass legislation to register sexual and violent offenders, help senior citizens protect their identity and credit information and ensure protective orders, such as restraining orders, can be more easily enforced.

Prior to her legal career, Pam owned and operated a small business in Livingston and served as Assistant Manager of the Livingston Chamber of Commerce.

Until recently, Bucy served as Chief Legal Counsel for the Montana Department of Labor and Industry and currently serves as Administrative Counsel for the Montana Department of Labor.

Bucy graduated with honors from the University of Montana School of Law in 1998.  She graduated with honors from Rocky Mountain College in Billings in 1991 with degrees in history, political science and English.

No slouch, Ms Bucy… In addition, she has received endorsements from law enforcement officials and county attorneys general from all across Montana. Like I said, impressive.

But judge for yourself. Click the links above and get to know her better. Or better yet, go to one of her events and meet her.

When you do, the choice will be obvious.

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  1. d.g. says:

    This comparison and contrast is quite similar to that between Dave Strohmaier and Franke Wilmer. The former a nice guy with stated good intentions but the latter with the resume plus. Pretty clear choice. Hope Missoulians will not let fondness override thoughtfulness and will, accordingly, begin to align themselves with Wilmer (who actually could win a place in office.)


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