“An Open Letter To Gay Republicans”

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From Asher Huey at  The Huffington Post :

Dear gay Republicans,

Rick Santorum’s surge and near-win in Iowa should be a wake-up call: your party hates you.

Let’s put economic and other issues aside for a moment; we can have a spirited debate about the backward GOP approach to taxes, the environment, and foreign policy another time. I don’t understand how you can look beyond the fact that a major portion of your party’s fundamental beliefs are that you are not equal.

This isn’t a minor issue within your party. The Republican Party platform calls for amending the United States Constitution to discriminate against you. Party officials actually want to use our country’s foundational document, which grants and extends rights and freedoms to people, to limit yours. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

…Your party has, as one of its major leading presidential candidates, a person who doesn’t think you should be able to serve openly in the military, who doesn’t believe that you can create a loving family, who thinks that your committed relationships are destroying the moral fabric of America. Your party has thrown you in the deviant pile. Your party has labeled you a sexual predator. Your party is afraid of you and does not incorporate your voice or believe in your dignity.

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3 comments on ““An Open Letter To Gay Republicans”

  1. FLPatriot says:

    Thankfully the HuffPost has no credibility with anyone with the ability to think for themselves. Fear mongering like this shows how desperate they are to beg anyone to vote for their DNC candidates because they know that they have no real ground to stand on.

    Thanks for bringing this DNC propaganda to my attention, it helps reinforce my opinion that I need not waste anytime reading the HuffPost.


    • You are very welcome.
      Thinking for yourself is your business- I hope I don’t affect that in any way. In fact, it sounds like I couldn’t if I tried.
      I like to bring to people’s attention articles I find interesting, positions I find compelling. The gay Republican is compelling to me, and I think many of the statements Mr Huey makes are echoed in the thoughts of many gay people in the U.S. Tossing an entire publication on the propaganda pile doesn’t really reinforce your credibility as a thinking person- it actually helps reinforce the stereotypical non-thinking-person-as-conservative meme.


  2. Mark Miwertz says:

    I’m a non-gay republican who is repulsed by Santorum or Montana’s law on the books making homosexuality a crime. You do understand Jon Huntsman’s and Gary Johnson’s position? Both were elected Republican Governors running for president this year. Did you support them in any way?

    The simple truth is, many Democrats are willing to destroy good work by Republicans, or interfere with good work by Republicans, on behalf of equal rights rather than see Republicans get credited, or even acknowledge their efforts.

    You’ll do much more for the cause of individual rights if you concentrate on electing people of both parties who support the basic Lockean rights of property and person. It’s very hard to influence Republicans using HuffPo’s methods, or by writing them off entirely.


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