Racism, Unleashed

Because we have an African American in the White House, and a chequered American past as far as racial equality (and inequality for that matter) are concerned, it was only a matter of time.

To play the (Aryan) race card.

Little Green Footballs is reporting that Fox Nation has posted a video that has resulted in hundreds of racist, offensive comments:


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As we’ve noted at LGF many times, Fox Nation, official discussion forum of Fox News, has become utterly indistinguishable from a neo-Nazi hate site like Stormfront. And here’s another graphic, disgusting demonstration.

Yesterday, whatever race-baiting goon runs that site posted a video of Sheila Jackson Lee, criticizing Newt Gingrich’s racist code words:

Sheila Jackson Lee: Newt Using ‘Codewords’ to be Racist – Newt Gingrich – Fox Nation

Of course, they knew exactly what would happen; that’s why they posted the video. Fox Nation commenters responded with a torrent of outraged whining and denials: “Democrats are the real racists,” “Sheila Jackson Lee is the real racist,” “There’s no racism in America,” “I’m sick of being accused of racism,” etc. etc. etc.

And there were real, disgustingly racist and hateful comments posted throughout the site- which they’ve taken down. Comments are now closed. But if you want to see what they said, you can go to Little Green Footballs site, linked above. I won’t reprint them here.

This is nothing new- it started the second Obama started to gain traction in the primaries. You remember the jokes, the pictures, the sneers. But there are arguments, like Lee’s, that the Republican challenger’s rhetoric is inflammatorily “coded” to incite fear and disgust in his audience without actually sounding the alarm- especially as a white Southerner familiar with the race-baiting fear tactics so popular (and effective) in the 60’s.

Do I believe the President can handle this rhetoric? I do. He will do it with his characteristic intelligence and grace.

What bothers me is this: A significant part of the American Public too easily fall into this unenlightened position of racial ridiculousness. And Fox News just seems to be fanning those flames- “out of concern for America,” mind you.

Watch closely, America. It’s out there.

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  1. froggy12 says:

    I believe that Mr Newt and all the FOX Trotters are grads of the Paul Joseph Goebbels Institute of Abnormal Psychology And Unethical Propaganda, in Toejam, Kansas, a suburb of Westboro, Kansas. Their motto: ” Ad astra per alas porci ” (in fine gothic italic) says it all.



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