Montana’s Last Best Chance

Washington State is soon to add itself to the list of states that have legislated for marriage equality- arguably the most democratic way to achieve human rights there is. Forget referendums- most people don’t know what they’re actually voting for, they just read the synopsis on the ballot and make a two second decision. But I digress.

The question for me is this: Now that the State of Washington has voted for Marriage Equality, what does that mean for Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Montana?

It means we need to keep up the momentum for full LGBT equality. This is not the time to sit on our laurels. This is the time to step it up.

Kris Hermanns in Red Lodge

The Pride Foundation is the only LGBT organization actively involved for LGBT Equality throughout the entire Pacific Northwest- and it is deeply committed. New Executive Director Kris Hermanns last week said to a gathering of Montanans in Bozeman, “Our commitment to you is clear, and together we will have full equality throughout the Pacific Northwest.”

I am a proud member of the Pride Foundation’s Montana Leadership Action Team- along with a number of amazing people- and we have big plans for Montana.

But without the organizing and financial power of Pride Foundation, this amazing group of people would never have been recruited, organized and utilized- and the tens of thousands of  dollars would never have been spent to support LGBTQ causes, events and organizations in 2011.

I believe that the Pride Foundation is Montana’s last best chance to achieve dignity and rights in the state of Montana.

We can’t do it without you. And I’m going to blatantly ask for your support.

If you believe in equal rights for all, support us. Join us here on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. And please consider financially supporting Pride Foundation- Ken and I are monthly givers.

To do that, click here.

And thank you.

5 comments on “Montana’s Last Best Chance

  1. Cathy Cooney says:

    I agree. The Pride Foundation is already making a difference and is providing the leadership we need in Montana in support of LGBT rights. I’m a financial supporter and will continue to be a monthly donor because I know that supporting the Pride Foundation is a wise investment in the future of civil rights in Montana.


  2. Kris Hermanns says:

    Thank you, Greg (and Cathy). Your support means everything to us at Pride Foundation. It is your vision and leadership on the ground that has and will continue to anchor our victories in Montana and provide a template for full equality in the Pacific Northwest. We are blessed to be doing this work in partnership with you. Onward.


  3. Local leaders make all the difference in building the equality movement across the NW. I am very thankful to all of my Montana volunteers (including Greg and Cathy) for all their hard work!


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