‘The Lorax’ Is Brainwashing Our Kids Says Fox News

It was just a matter of time.

What with Santorum’s matter-of-factness about the Republican agenda, Gingrich’s out-of-touchness, and Romney’s resolutely-stoic-good-looks, there had to be something crazy going on out there.

Not one to disappoint, Lou Dobbs has jumped on the conspiracy theory bandwagon by accusing Dr Suess of being a tree-hugging lefty brainwashing child indoctrinator:

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2 comments on “‘The Lorax’ Is Brainwashing Our Kids Says Fox News

  1. froggy12 says:

    No fool like an old fool is Mr Dobbs….. yes indeedy. The FOXsters go out of their way to spoil everyone’s wet dream and Mr. “Ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam” Ricky Rooster Santorum has the baton and is still bothered by his “juventutem meam” hormonal spirts…so to speak.

    To paraphrase St Teresa of Avila, “Lord save us from the self righteous for they will complain when even a new rope is used to hang them.”



  2. Jennifer Davies says:

    It seems they are a network in search of conspiracy theories. What’s scary is their popularity with a certain segment of low information voters. What thinking individual would believe this children’s book was brainwashing people!


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