Limbaugh, Sinking To New Low, Calls Women ‘Sluts’- Wants To See Them Having Sex

The man arrested with an unprescribed packet of Viagra, the man arrested for prescription drug fraud, a man who has never testified before Congress, a man whose enormous ass sits in a booth behind a golden microphone and never has the balls to speak to someone’s face, a man who loathes homosexuals but has them sing at his wedding, in other words a fraudulent clown, now sinks to a new low- telling women he wants to get something back- he wants to see them having sex:

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Limbaugh’s message to ‘feminazis’, posted with vodpod

I know this is probably preaching to the choir, but this man needs help- like straitjacket help.

2 comments on “Limbaugh, Sinking To New Low, Calls Women ‘Sluts’- Wants To See Them Having Sex

  1. Does Rush not realize that there are probably more videos of women having sex online already than a human being could watch in an entire lifetime?

    But what really gets me is that so many men think like that – they dismiss women as sluts, but then want to watch, or more likely, participate in this apparent immorality! And this doesn’t strike them is that this is a huge contradiction.


  2. Chris Morley says:

    A straitjacket isn’t all the help Rush needs.

    He needs a ball-gag strapped into his mouth to complete the look and stop him polluting ears.

    Then he can hump the floor instead of pestering and abusing women.


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