Do Tell

It’s the first anniversary of official integration of openly gay, lesbian and bisexual people in the military. I can think of no better way to observe it than by the words of Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen as he testified before Congress last year:

“No matter how I look at the issue, I cannot escape being troubled by the fact that we have in place a policy which forces young men and women to lie about who they are in order to defend their fellow citizens. For me, it comes down to integrity – theirs as individuals and ours as an institution.”

What many don’t understand is that lies create shame- and shame creates pain. For many LGBT people, lying on a daily basis is dehumanizing and debilitating over the long term, destroying integrity, creating depression, increasing anxiety and lowering significantly a person’s quality of life.

On the other hand, telling the truth and being accepted can greatly minimize depression, anxiety and shame, increasing quality of life significantly.

I think the military’s embracing of honesty sends an important message to Americans- one that should have been sent from the beginning:  lying is bad. In fact, it’s bad policy.

Obvious, isn’t it?

And here’s to the many members of the military who survived- who “served in silence” before truth was finally policy (including my husband). Thank you for your service.

In fact, maybe today should be Gay Veteran’s Day….


Stutz: Daines Fundraising Is Politics-As Usual

Rob Stutz, Democratic candidate for United States Congress, announced today that Steve Daines, whose fundraising tactics were highlighted this week on the national radio program This American Life, represents politics-as-usual, not the best interests of the people of Montana. Daines, the presumptive Republican nominee in Montana’s US House race, has held numerous fundraising events in Washington DC requesting donations of $500, $1,000, and even $2,500 from PACs (political action committees) for special interest groups. Two of these events, one of which was featured in the radio program, were held in March 2012.

“Montanans want a new approach in Congress,” Stutz said. “We are looking for a Representative who will stand up to special interest groups, not a Representative who wants $2,500 to wine, dine, and rub elbows with special interest groups on Capitol Hill.”

Stutz does not accept any campaign money from special interest PACs and does not sign any pledges for special interest groups. The Stutz for Congress campaign posted a graph on showing that Stutz has accepted $0 of special interest money and that Daines has accepted over $100,000 of special interest money through 2011. Fundraising reports for the first quarter of 2012 must be filed by April 15.

“I put people first in my campaign.” Stutz said that “Montanans want a Representative who walks the walk when it comes to working for people rather than for special interest groups. Abraham Lincoln said it best — government should be ‘of the people, by the people, for the people.'”

“While disappointing that Mr. Daines wants DC lobbyists to support his race, it is not surprising. Since announcing, Daines’ strategy has been to try and buy the US House seat.” Montana Democrats are pushing back against special interests — Stutz does not take special interest money or sign special interest pledges, Senator Tester has proposed a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision, and Attorney General Bullock has fought in court to uphold Montana’s law limiting special interest spending.

Stutz said, “If you are tired of the influence of special interests on Congress, support my campaign and send a message that enough is enough. Working together, we the people of Montana can get Congress back on track and working for us.” Stutz emphasizes that people of any financial means can and should have a voice in politics. Stutz for Congress provides a page on that suggests free and low-cost grassroots ideas for anyone who wants to get involved in the race.

This American Life radio program (Daines discussed at 5:00) —

Stutz for Congress graph comparing PAC money receipts by Stutz and Daines through December 31, 2011 —

Stutz for Congress page providing free and low-cost ways to participate in the race —

Daines’ invitation for a March 22, 2012, fundraiser at the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America Townhouse in Washington DC requesting $2,500 PAC money from hosts —

Daines’ invitation for a March 21, 2012, fundraiser at R.B. Murphy and Associates in Washington DC requesting $2,500 PAC money from hosts —

Daines’ invitation for a December 8, 2011, fundraiser at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington DC requesting $1,000 PAC money from attendees —

Daines’ invitation for a June 21, 2011, fundraiser with Denny Rehberg at Eastgate in Washington DC requesting $1,000 per PAC —

Daines’ invitation for a March 2, 2011, fundraiser at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington DC requesting $1,000 per PAC —

Limbaugh, Sinking To New Low, Calls Women ‘Sluts’- Wants To See Them Having Sex

The man arrested with an unprescribed packet of Viagra, the man arrested for prescription drug fraud, a man who has never testified before Congress, a man whose enormous ass sits in a booth behind a golden microphone and never has the balls to speak to someone’s face, a man who loathes homosexuals but has them sing at his wedding, in other words a fraudulent clown, now sinks to a new low- telling women he wants to get something back- he wants to see them having sex:

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Limbaugh’s message to ‘feminazis’, posted with vodpod

I know this is probably preaching to the choir, but this man needs help- like straitjacket help.

Baucus, Tester Congratulated For Tax Relief

Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Ted Dick today released the following statement in recognition of the payroll tax relief just passed by Congress:

English: Logo of the Democratic Party of the U...

“We are incredibly proud of the hard work Jon Tester and Max Baucus have put in on this issue.  Montanans shouldn’t have to lose out on a $1,000 tax break because of petty partisan games in Congress.  Thankfully, Jon and Max worked together to get the job done for Montana families.”

“Senator Baucus did something you rarely see in Washington these days: He brought folks from both side of the aisle to the table to give tax relief to working families when they need it most. His work represents the spirit of working together that Montanans expect and deserve in their elected leaders.”

 For me, the political races of 2012 come down to one thing: desire for fairness vs the desire to impose dogmatism.
I don’t think I need to tell you which party is for what- or that Denny Rehberg’s history of cooperation is pretty sketchy- and I’m being generous.

ADAP Watch 12/19/11


President Obama called for the end of AIDS on World AIDS Day. But achieving that in America requires more public sector funding than Congress has provided to date, and the political climate for more funding is brutal.


We could make a classic business Republican argument for more funds: the increases would be trivial in the context of a $3.5 trillion federal budget, and the rate of return on investment would be as high as it gets – reduced public sector health care costs in future years, and improved private sector productivity. It cost next to nothing (in context) this year, and it pays back big for years to come. 


With recent additional federal money, ADAP waiting list numbers have come down some over the past month, but more than 4,000 Americans are still on wait lists. Ninety percent of them are in four Southern states, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Virginia. All four are having financial difficulties in this economy, but the millions of dollars they would have to spend to eliminate their waiting lists are insignificant in multibillion dollar budgets, and spending the millions or not will not make their difficult positions materially any worse or any better.


Here are the latest numbers from our friends at NASTAD: