Steve Bullock Just Lost My Vote

Here’s why. From an article in Montana’s Lee newspapers on gubernatorial candidates and social issues:

The nine candidates were asked whether they favored changing Montana’s constitution to allow gay couples and lesbian couples to marry.

Miller opposed such a change, noting that 67 percent of Montanans voted in 2004 to say that “only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state.”

Hill, Livingston and Lynch, all Republicans, said, “I believe marriage is between one man and one woman.”

Bullock said, “I do not favor changing the constitution but would support legislative measures giving committed same-sex couples the opportunity to be together, free from discrimination.” This would include allowing a person to visit his or her partner in the hospital, he said.

Stapleton said he would oppose amending the constitution for that purpose, adding, “I think it’s healthy we support and cherish the traditional family.”

O’Hara said he would not change the constitution, adding: “I think our constitution adequately protects the lives of Montanans.”

Fanning said the ban on gay marriage should stand: “I believe that the sanctity of the family is the core of our society.”

Standing alone among all candidates, Margolis said it makes simple common sense to change the Montana Constitution to allow gay or lesbian couples to marry or form civil unions.

“The Montana Constitution guarantees fair and equal treatment to all people,” she said. “People should not be discriminated against, including gay and lesbian couples.”

I have to say I’m very disappointed in Steve Bullock. Ironically, he apparently is unaware of the pain and suffering of LGBT persons in his state because of legislative discrimination (including a sodomy law still on the books)- or he’s unwilling to acknowledge us in the face of staying safe and winning votes. Barack Obama, on the other hand, has done some amazing things, like already (2 years ago) extending LGBT partner visitation rights in most hospitals. What has Steve Bullock done for us lately ever? Not much. I’m taking the Bullock sticker off of my car.

At this point, my primary vote is going to Margolis.

Yeah, it’s that important.

Update: My Dissent Explained

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10 comments on “Steve Bullock Just Lost My Vote

  1. Jim Toevs says:

    Hey Greg, do what you will in the Primary, but I sure do hope you will put that Bullock bumpersticker back on if Steve is the Democratic candidate in the General. The simple political fact of life is that it is almost impossible for a candidate who supports marriage equality to get elected in the State of Montana. Brian Schweitzer sure ain’t perfect, but thank God we have had him for the past eight years, rather than one of the Republicans. Same goes for Bachus and Tester.


  2. Deanna says:

    Bullock is not only stupid, he is also cowardly. Instead of just standing up for what we all know is right, he hedged and hemmed and hawed all over the place. I fear this is a matter of his character in general and not just his belief on his issue. Not a good sign. Say what u will about Schweitzer, he at least has he backbone to stand up for his beliefs.


    • Tom says:

      Has Schweitzer ever said that he supports gay marriage or said that he supports changing the constitution in Montana? Lets try to compare apples to apples here before we start calling him stupid.


  3. Tom says:

    While I can understand the frustration that Greg is showing here I’m a little bit disappointed in the sentiment of the article. Bullock is going to win this nomination and is going to have a tough general election. I wish that we lived in a state where he could run an election supporting gay marriage but we don’t. Unfortunately it’s that simple. We have to pick our battles and hope that someday (soon) times will change and we can change the laws in our state. If he were to take a stance saying that he wanted to change the constitution in Montana he would be putting up a huge roadblock for his campaign. As sad as that seems to us it’s still the truth and why would he give fuel to his opponents?


    • It’s in the same spirit of dissent, not in anger or name calling, but dissent, that calls forth an awareness of those who disagree.
      I will vote for the Democratic nominee in the General Election (of course), but I want to vote with the candidate in the primary who most eloquently echoes my own position, and right now that’s Margolis.


  4. Dale B. says:

    I see that you are an Obama supporter, as you say below. Obama has taken the exact same position as Bullock.


    • The Polish Wolf says:

      Mr. Smith actually said that he’ll be voting for Bullock’s primary opposition. Obama has none; therefore, he is clearly the best available candidate. Bullock, at least in the primary, is not. Mr. Smith made that apparent, and moreover did so in the most eloquent and respectful way I’ve seen. Too often bloggers, not naming names, announce their disagreement with a candidate in a demanding, entitled hissy fit. Nothing of the sort to be seen here – classy as ever! Keep it up, DGS – I like having a blog I can occasionally disagree with but still respect completely.


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