AIDS Vote 2012

What is AIDS Vote 2012?

This is an important election year especially as we consider where we are with the HIV & AIDS epidemic.AIDS Vote 2012 is a national awareness-raising and education campaign designed to inform candidates and voters of the public policies necessary to advancing the fight against HIV/AIDS. We demand a country in which the lives and health of individuals, workers, families and communities are prioritized over ideology and the interests of the wealthy and corporations. We have the science, the treatments, and the resources to end theHIV epidemic, but do we have the political will?

If elected, how would they fight HIV/AIDS?

What will the next President of the United States, whomever he will be, do to help combat AIDS/HIV both domestically and abroad? Click here for more information on both candidates stances on the issue as well as their plans for future AIDS funding.

Your vote matters!

One of the most important rights we enjoy as citizens of our state and nation is the right to vote. Click herefor information regarding how and where to register to vote in the state of Montana.

(Thanks to Open AID Alliance)