My Message to the White House

Mr Obama,

This HIV-positive gay man in a rural state fought for you- because you fought for him.

Let’s get to work.


4 comments on “My Message to the White House

  1. Marie Phillips says:

    Dear Greg,

    We can be grateful that Obama was elected. He definitely has his work cut out for him. As you know, Washington recently voted to allow same-sex marriage. I Have such mixed feelings about this. Think back in our history. In the 1960’s African Americans waited for the Supreme Court’s order to happen to finally give them the integration that they should have had from the moment they touched American soil. Women waited for permission to have the right to vote. Now Gays are waiting for the rest of the country to give them the rights everyone else has. Why can’t people be free, vote, and marry whomever they want? It makes me sad that it has taken so long for us to make this happen. I am happy it has finally happened here. When will the rest of the United States open their hearts and grant others the right to marry whomever they choose?

    I knew you as a child and loved you then. I saw you grow into a fine young man who was a leader in school, an excellent speaker, actor, and writer–and I loved you then. I did not know you were gay then. I am very proud of you for helping others through your leadership and compassionate example–and I love you still, and always will. Mike, Amy and Kirk send their love as well. We wish you a happy marriage here in Washington if you choose to take that step!



  2. Barbara Steward says:

    This was the nastiest campaign we have ever seen,. We feel that the lies from the news people and Obama and his people were below the American people. We are upstanding Americans and we are ashamed of what the Democrats have done.


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