Just Marriage

I’m really proud of my dear friend Drew Emery and his film. His passion and vision were priceless in the approval of this measure to legalize Marriage Equality in Washington State- and all around the country. From him and our friends at The True Stories Project:

We can think of no better way to celebrate this amazing day than by releasing our latest video: Just Marriage: from Outlaws to Inlaws.

For a long time, our audiences have been asking for an update on the lives of our storytellers. When we we were invited to bring Inlaws & Outlaws to public television, we decided this was the perfect time to do just that.

So enjoy. And as you reflect on how far we’ve all come these past eight years, give a moment of thanks to the thousands of people from all walks of lives who set the ball rolling but stepping up and telling their stories.

Note: If you haven’t yet seen Inlaws & Outlaws, be warned; this update is chockfull of spoilers!

One comment on “Just Marriage

  1. sapphospeaks says:

    I can’t believe I am crying at the update. Drew is an awesome storyteller and everything he says in his narrative is spot on. I love the “kids table” analogy he mentions at the beginning. So true.

    Chuck’s story really is a gift and I am so happy he had the chance to share it. He will live on through his honesty and generosity.

    I’m moving to Bozeman in the summer to be with my partner and I PRAY that someday Montana can pass marriage equality. I plan to do what I can to help make that happen.


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