Cuccinelli Could Be Daines (or vice-versa)

In a Washington Post article today entitled , “Mr Cuccinelli has himself to blame for loss”, it was mentioned that:

The Cuccinelli record had nothing to do with job-creation or the state’s economic well-being or alleviating deepening transportation problems, all of which are central to Virginians’ well-being. It was mainly about bashing homosexuals, harassing illegal immigrants, crusading against abortion, denying climate change, flirting with birthers and opposing gun control. A hero to the tea party and a culture warrior of the first rank, Mr. Cuccinelli lost because he was among the most polarizing and provocative figures in Richmond for a decade. That made him the wrong candidate for Virginia.

Sound familiar?

I wonder if the “Cuccinelli Effect” will reach as far as Montana?

One can only hope.

Steve Daines with Ted Cruz

Steve Daines with Ted Cruz

2 comments on “Cuccinelli Could Be Daines (or vice-versa)

  1. d.g. says:

    Judging from (by?) Missoula’s reelection of John Engen, it is very unlikely that citizens of this state will see through a phony–either of the left or the right.


  2. Tim in MT says:

    Well, aside from the fact you’re quoting a liberal newspaper, I’d wager the fact that the Dems outspent Cuccinelli 2 to 1 and astroturfed a signature gathering campaign to put a libertarian on the ballot and use Obama bundler’s to fundraise for him might have contributed more than his positions.
    He had already won a statewide race with those positions before. And your guilt by association is complete ad hominem. At some point I would hope a man of your intellect would have more than just a picture where Daines is standing NEAR Cruz.
    There is a lot of dishonesty in this whole scenario.


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