Rehberg Invites Rumsfeld

…presumably relying on Montanans’ short memories. From the Montana Democrats:
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld shares a ...

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Failed Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is scheduled to be in Montana later this month to stump for multimillionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg–a move that highlights Rehberg’s strong support of the failed policies of former President George W. Bush.

Rumsfeld, who resigned from office the day Jon Tester won his Senate seat, is known as the architect of one of the greatest misunderstandings of military intelligence in American history.  Rumsfeld was also a key supporter the controversial Patriot Act, which Congressman Rehberg has supported repeatedly.
“Donald Rumsfeld is almost as out-of-touch as Congressman Dennis Rehberg when it comes to reckless decisions about our freedoms,” said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.
Rumsfeld is holding a February 25 fundraiser near Bozeman for Rehberg, who recently got caught hiding tens of thousands of dollars he’s taken from out-of-state lobbyists.
“Donald Rumsfeld was a key figure in an administration known for its secrecy and lack of facts and transparency,” Dick said.  “After Congressman Rehberg tried to hide his lobbyist cash, it’s no surprise he’s now embracing Secretary Rumsfeld’s support.”
Yeah- a no-brainer.

A Tale Of Two Polls

…from The Montana Democrats:

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Dennis Rehberg’s supporters tonight are pushing a new GOP poll about Montana’s 2012 Senate race.  But a second poll released today—conducted by the same GOP polling firm—tells a much different story.

The first poll, conducted by the firm Public Opinion Strategies for Karl Rove’s secretive organization American Crossroads, shows questionable and uncharacteristic results for the race between Jon Tester and Congressman Dennis Rehberg.

The second poll released today, also conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, has much different results.  It shows the race much closer—well within the margin of error.

“Montanans don’t trust Crossroads or Dennis Rehberg, so why would they believe numbers from a firm that can’t even decide which numbers are accurate,” said Ted Dick, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party.  “Congressman Rehberg believes secrecy and unlimited corporate spending belong in Montana’s elections, and he and his allies will stop at nothing to try to influence the people of our state.”


Tester vs Rehberg: Who Works Harder?

While the question may seem inflammatory and derisive, it’s totally fair. And The Montana Democrats have done their homework:

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How did Jon Tester and Congressman Dennis Rehberg spend the month of January?  The difference couldn’t be more obvious.

Jon Tester traveled thousands of miles across the Treasure State, holding dozens of meetings and public events attended by more than 1,000 Montanans from across the political spectrum—discussing everything from online safety to consumer protection to job creation in Montana.

As for Dennis Rehberg?  Not counting plenty of interviews with newspapers, TV and radio stations, Rehberg’s only public event was a political news conference announcing his Senate bid—surrounded Republican legislators known for comparing women to cattle and birther bills.

“Unlike Jon Tester, Congressman Dennis Rehberg thought January was vacation time,” said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.  “After 35 years in politics, Congressman Rehberg has he’s lost touch with Montana, and his decisions are so irresponsible he apparently doesn’t want to face the music at home.”

Not including press interviews, political events, or “work” in Washington, here’s what Congressman Dennis Rehberg did in January:

January 12

  • Addressed Sentinel Kiwanis Club (Missoula)
  • (Rehberg also held political press conference in Helena during which he filed for U.S. Senate surrounded by Montana lawmakers)
January 19
  • Addressed Montana Chamber of Commerce (Helena)
Not including press interviews, political events, or work in Washington, here’s what Jon Tester did in January:

January 2:

  • Visited U.S. Government class at Harlem High School (Harlem)
  • Hosted Economic Development Roundtable (Harlem)
  • Met with Fort Belknap Tribal Council (Fort Belknap)
  • Visited U.S. Government class at Rocky Boy High School (Box Elder)
  • Held Veterans Roundtable (Box Elder)
January 4:
  • Visited Black Coffee Roasters (Missoula)
  • Met with local realtors (Missoula)
  • Met with Ravalli and Missoula Counties Suicide Task Force (Missoula)
  • Held roundtable with Missoula Head Start (Missoula)
  • Visited U.S. Government class at Sentinel High School (Missoula)
  • Met with Lance Corporal Tomy Parker, U.S. Marine Corps (Ronan)
January 5:
  • Addressed Daybreak Rotary (Kalispell)
  • Met with Mayor John Muhlfeld and City Council (Whitefish)
  • Toured Whitefish Care and Rehabilitation Center (Whitefish)
  • Met with Sheriff Chuck Curry (Kalispell)
  • Hosted online safety forum with Facebook (Kalispell)
  • Hosted online safety forum with Facebook (Billings)
January 6:
  • Visited Social Studies class at Skyview High School (Billings)
  • Met with Rocky Mountain College President Michael Mace and Greg Kohn (Billings)
  • Met with regional tribal leaders to discuss Indian health care (Billings)
  • Hosted roundtable discussion with Billings Chamber of Commerce on energy (Billings)
  • Met with Central Labor Council (Billings)
January 9
  • Met with the School Administrators of Montana (Helena)
  • Met with the Montana Rural Education Association (Helena)
  • Met with the Montana School Board Association (Helena)
  • Met with the Independent Insurance Agents of Montana (Helena)
January 10
  • Met with the National Federation of Independent Businesses (Helena)
  • Met with the Montana Bankers Association (Helena)
  • Met with the Montana Realtors Association (Helena)
January 11
  • Hosted roundtable discussion with Holly Petraeus Helena community leaders (Helena)
  • Visited Montana Department of Labor training session (Helena)
  • Hosted roundtable discussion with Holly Petraeus and National Guard members (Helena)
  • Hosted Roundtable discussion with Holly Petraeus and Great Falls community leaders (Great Falls)
  • Hosted roundtable discussion with Holly Petraeus and officers at Malmstrom Air Force Base (Great Falls)
  • Hosted town hall meeting with Holly Petraeus and airmen at Malmstrom Air Force Base (Great Falls)
January 12
  • Addressed the Montana Contractors’ Association (Big Sky)
  • Visited Bozeman Head Start (Bozeman)

January 13

  • Visited seniors at Lame Deer High School (Lame Deer)
  • Hosted veterans listening session (Lame Deer)
  • Toured Little Big Horn College (Crow Agency)
  • Hosted veterans listening session (Crow Agency)

January 20

  • Addressed Montana Chamber of Commerce (Helena)
  • Visited Helena Middle School (Helena)
  • Met with SeaCast Montana (Butte)
  • Met with Montana State Sheet Metal Workers (Butte)

Hmmm. Looks like Tester wins this round. If you count being industrious, that is.