Same Sex Sunday 4/3/11

I interviewed Jim and Tammy Fay Bakker’s son, Jay Bakker about his new book Fall to Grace. Bakker discussed how growing up in the Bakker house helped him discover empathy for LGBT people later in life. It was a really good visit and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Then host Joe Mirabella and our round table discussed the need for more information about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities as outlined in a new study by the Institutes of Medicine. They discussed privacy concerns about reporting one’s sexual orientation or gender identity on medical records, a potential government mandate to include sexual orientation and gender identity in government funded research- and more.

Our panel also addressed concerns about last week’s introduction of ENDA and the roller coaster ride caused by the immigration back and forth for bi-national couples.

Finally, gay Republican candidate for president Fred Karger won the first straw poll in New Hampshire. What does this mean for the republican presidential campaign season? Will Karger fare better than some expected?

Our panel this weekend included:

Co-chair for Americans for Democratic Action’s LGBT task force, Jim Levin

Co-chair of the Fenway Institute, Judy Bradford

Spokesperson for the Log Cabin Republicans, Casey Pick

Managing Director of the Raw Story, Michael Rogers

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