Rehberg Says Congress Is Just As Functional As Lindsay Lohan

After 35 years in politics, Congressman Dennis Rehberg is now telling Montanans that Congress is functional–even after his historic vote against middle-class tax relief and Montana Keystone Pipeline jobs–and despite historically low  job approval ratings.

“Montanans are unhappy with Congressman Rehberg and his party bosses because their out of touch partisanship is on fully display,” Said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.  “Congressman Rehberg doesn’t want Montanans to know what he’s doing in Congress because he’s only serving himself, not Montana.  To a career politician like Dennis Rehberg raising taxes on the middle class for political gain is business as usual – he just doesn’t want anyone to notice.”

Congressman Rehberg recently told the Bozeman Chronicle editorial board that Congress is functioning well: “I just hope that we don’t destroy our government, or our trust in government, because of the constant, constant, constant

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observation of the sausage being made.”

Here is a complete transcript of Congressman Rehberg’s response:

Bozeman Chronicle Question:  “The perception outside of Washington is that Congress is essentially dysfunctional, that it’s deadlocked on almost any issue and it can’t really accomplish anything.  Is that perception, amongst you and your colleagues — that it’s ceased to function?”

Rehberg Answer: “Not necessarily, again I go back to the earlier conversation about people seeing the sausage made more than they’ve ever seen before.  It bothers me when I see Rasmussen or somebody else put out a poll saying that we have 5 percent approval and Lindsay Lohan is held in higher esteem than us.”

“Well, I would suggest that if Fox News and CNN and everybody else focused as much on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week on Lindsay, she’d be right down there with us or you.  I mean, it’s the close scrutiny that’s occurring and that’s a good thing, I just hope that we don’t destroy our government or our trust in government because of the constant, constant, constant observation of the sausage being made.”

Right. Because unobserved government is healthy, trustworthy and sane… Just like Lindsay.