ADAP Watch

From NAPWA: Recently released supplemental federal funding is slowly bringing state waiting lists down – 2,552 this week. Regional disparities are troubling, though. Ninety percent of Americans on ADAP waiting lists are in the South. The only non-Southern state with comparable numbers is Nebraska. The South is where HIV is spreading fastest, and providing HIV drugs to those who need them would help prevent new infections.

Here are the latest numbers from our friends at NASTAD:

HIV-specific Criminal Laws Popping Up Across Nation

From The Michigan Messenger:

In opposition to President Barack Obama’s Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP) National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS), HIV-specific criminal law legislation has popped up in three states in the last two months.

Nebraska is considering a medically unsound piece of legislation making it a crime for HIV+ persons to expose law enforcement officials to their body fluids, while in Utah, the legislature is considering a law that would make engaging in prostitution while HIV+ (either as sex worker or client) more easily punishable.

And of course, Montana gets a mention.

And finally, during a debate on keeping the death penalty in Montana, a state law maker said a perfect reason to keep the law in place was because prisoners were making paper darts which they dip their blood in and then shoot them at guards in the prison.

But you know all about that. Read the whole thing here.