Busy Week

I’ve had a lot of catching up from my vacation- clients, cleaning, writing (for Bilerico– check it out. Some of it forthcoming)- stuff just keeps happening. So, along with just checking in,  I thought I’d leave you with a thoughtfortheday:

I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.
~Daniel Boone

Wander, people. It’s good for you….

Invading Canadia

Tomorrow, I’m off to Calgary to paint it red with the lovely Nicole. I’m REALLY going to try and not obsess about home, clients, writing or the internets, so maybe no posts until Tuesday. (I always end up caving for some reason) But I’ll put up some pics (maybe…).

Leaving you with a thoughtfortheday:

“There is the Music of Heaven in all things
and we have forgotten how to hear it
until we sing.”

~Hildegard of Bingen

Go, sing….