FYI: Vacation

Hey y’all!

I’ll be communing with nature (and some awesome friends) along the Smith until Tuesday, so there won’t be much action here until then.
(B I G  thanks to my house/dog sitters!)

Until then, be fabulous!


Tester’s Working. Rehberg’s On “Vacation”.

Where is Dennis Rehberg? Jon Tester’s been seen all over Montana- and heard all over tv and radio. Dennis Rehberg has yet- to my limited knowledge- to even appear off the cuff in an ad for himself. I find that suspicious. Where is he?

From The Montana Democrats:

Two maps* of the same state represented by two members of Congress tell a very different tale about their respective commitments to Montana:

Jon Tester’s 94 Events in 2012

Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s 14 Public Meetings in 2012

Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Ted Dick says Congressman Rehberg simply can’t live up to the standard of transparency and accountability Jon Tester has set in the U.S. Senate.

“The longer Congressman Rehberg stays in Washington, the more he forgets about his responsibility to Montana,” said Dick. “Congressman Rehberg won’t meet with Montanans in public because, after decades in politics, he is incabable of holding himself accountable to the people he’s supposed to serve.”

Tester’s meetings with Montanans focused on making college more affordable, creating small business jobs, and protecting clean air and water — all issues Tester has championed in the U.S. Senate.

Meanwhile, Congressman Rehberg has been at the center of a number of controversies in Congress — his Homeland Security land grab, a vote to raise middle class taxes, and attempts to end funding for Planned Parenthood.  He has held public listening sessions on NONE of these issues.

These maps indicate Tester’s busy 2012 schedule in Montana, not including press interviews or political events, contrasted with Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s not-so-busy schedule.

The San Diego Experience

It’s been great so far. I’ve experienced gorgeous weather, beautiful people- both inside and out, spent time with two mommies and their baby, quality time with Ken, a gay dog show with Greg Louganis, Pride Parade with a VIP wristband on (free liquids and shade), margaritas and parties and beach and good food and breakfast with Gregory Hinton….

Life can only get better. That’s a rule.

That includes making it better by getting rid of that hate-filled Montana GOP platform plank.

I may be on vacation, but rest assured, I’ve not forgotten. And I’m going to make sure you don’t either.

Vacation, Doctors and Friends

In the next few days I’ll be driving to Spokane and Seattle, then flying to San Diego and back again.  I get to meet with my general doc and my HIV doc in Seattle, and see some dear friends there. Then it’s off to be with my husband, Ken, his sister, her wife and their daughter. (Wow, tough sentence.). I also get to meet two of my heroes (and correspondence and phone friends), Gregory Hinton and Gregory Louganis for the first time. Not all together- it’s going to be on two separate occasions. I wish we could all get together and have a Gregory Summit.

Now that would be cool. Hmmm…. food for thought.

Anyway, I’ll sort of be trying to recreate and chill, so posts may not be so frequent. BUT, do not give up talking to your friends, neighbors, family and political representatives about the MT GOP Bigotry and Why Montana Matters.

It’s important.

Stay cool, my people. You make the world better.

Invading Canadia

Tomorrow, I’m off to Calgary to paint it red with the lovely Nicole. I’m REALLY going to try and not obsess about home, clients, writing or the internets, so maybe no posts until Tuesday. (I always end up caving for some reason) But I’ll put up some pics (maybe…).

Leaving you with a thoughtfortheday:

“There is the Music of Heaven in all things
and we have forgotten how to hear it
until we sing.”

~Hildegard of Bingen

Go, sing….