Caitlin Copple For Missoula City Council

Pay attention, Missoula.

Caitlin Copple is the only equality choice for Ward 4 of the Missoula City Council. Her opponent in this race was a vocal opponent of the equality ordinance passed by the Missoula City Council last year.

From her website:

I’m running for council because I believe in safeguarding the quality of life we enjoy in Missoula: ensuring a safe and welcoming community for all people, protecting and expanding our open space and recreational opportunities, and supporting an economic climate that encourages investment in our people while respecting our community’s values and environment. I hope to bring positive energy and a friendly attitude to the council and work to build bridges between council members and among my constituents – a skill I’ve developed as a nonprofit leader and community organizer with groups like Pride Foundation, YWCA Missoula, NCBI Missoula, Montana Women Vote, Forward Montana, and the Western Montana Community Center.

Ms Copple has mad skills in community building, is a hard worker, is extremely well organized, and has the kind of personality that works toward understanding- not strong-arming. I’ve worked with her, I admire her, and I believe she has what it takes to be an elected community leader.

Plus, she was mentioned in this article by the Huffington Post.

Get to know her a bit better here.  And If you really want to help, click here. Remember, people from anywhere can give up to $160.00. 

It’s a good investment.

And when you get your ballots, vote for Copple!