From Canadia- A Wake-up Call?

From Gawker, an hysterically sarcastic take on the debt crisis.

From Canadia, the most salient- and sarcastic- comment to the above referenced article, which I will reprint in case you don’t have time to check out the entire piece:

Friendly note from your Canadian Gawker Commenters:

Canada is full. We’re not taking any more of you deadbeat Yankees with your worthless greenbacks – we’re still trying to clear out the Kerry/Edwards ’04 refugee camps in Niagara. There’s also growing concern that Tea Party sleeper cells are entering Canada through our porous southern border. We can barely tolerate Ford Nation as it is, it’s time to shut the border to prevent these conservatives from producing anchor babies.

Thanks for 197 years of peace, and thanks for your Mexican insulation properties.


Your former hat.

PS – While you were busy plunging your nation into financial ruin, we helped ourself to northern Maine and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We noticed you weren’t really using them, and these tropical locations will serve as excellent winter getaways when Edmonton descends into its normal frozen hell state.


I love Canadia. That’s why I call it Canadia- it’s full of Canadians.

And I love them.

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  1. larry kurtz says:

    great find. i peed my pants.


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