New Hampshire GOP’s On The Gays

Didn’t watch the New Hampshire Debate?

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Yeah, me neither. I thoroughly enjoyed the Twitterbate, though- the feeds of my Tweeps were hilarious. I was very busy watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory. But don’t think me completely irresponsible- I knew there would be some good summaries this morning. Here’s one of them.

Think Progress has compiled all of the candidates statements regarding LGBT persons/issues/paranoid persecution complexes into a single video. Fascinating viewing- especially if you’re a psychologist:



2 comments on “New Hampshire GOP’s On The Gays

  1. Tom Marsh says:

    You had more fun watching BBT I promise… 😉 … but at the end, one of the Democratic Assistants gave a glowing summary, in which she said the GOP is doing a great job picking their weakest candidate against Obama. Or a Rachel Maddow said… “Please Jesus, let Santorum and Obama debate about birth control!”


  2. Pogie says:

    I suspect you heard more thoughtful commentary about the future of the country given what you watched. 🙂


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