New Hampshire GOP’s On The Gays

Didn’t watch the New Hampshire Debate?

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Yeah, me neither. I thoroughly enjoyed the Twitterbate, though- the feeds of my Tweeps were hilarious. I was very busy watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory. But don’t think me completely irresponsible- I knew there would be some good summaries this morning. Here’s one of them.

Think Progress has compiled all of the candidates statements regarding LGBT persons/issues/paranoid persecution complexes into a single video. Fascinating viewing- especially if you’re a psychologist:



“Wiggling Around In Excrement”

From Cowgirl:

Whoa! Remember the New Hampshire Legislator-turned-lobbyist that Rep. Greg Hinkle is barnstorming the state with to help stop seniors from making their own end-of-life decisions? Turns out she is a crazy homophobe, as is evident from this video. Montanans don’t want people prying into their personal lives and decisions, peeping through our windows, and rummaging through our trash.

Click for the video. It’s crazy. And please note, I made no heterophobic remarks about wiggling around in anything else….