Focus On The Family Targets LGBT Youth

The Day of Dialogue for hate group Focus on the Family just released their Facebook page last week. From Canyonwalker Connections:

“Day of Dialogue” from Focus on the Family is not What Jesus Would Do. This is a call to action for Christian youth to target GLBT youth with a “God has a better plan for you” message. I’m all for a God loves you conversation, but not a conversation that directly targets the most vulnerable of the vulnerable in our society–the GLBT youth.

…and Kathy’s not amused.
Read her excellent take (backed up with scripture quotes!) here.

Rehberg Can’t Even Make A Veiled Threat

It’s arrogant, overt- and dangerous. From Cowgirl:

It has been one month since six people where gunned down and killed in Tuscon including Federal Judge John Roll and while Cong. Gabby Gifford recovers in a rehab facility, her colleague  Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg of Montana takes this whole civility thing I think to a new low, a new level.
In a prepared speech to the Montana Legilsature, a prespare speech Rehberg questions a federal judges decision to put the gray wolf on the endangered species list.
(Rehberg)“When I first heart this decision like many of you, I wanted to take action immediately.
I asked ‘How can we put some of these judicial activists on the endangered species act.’
Im still working on that.”
[loud laughter from GOP legislators]

Read the rest and see the video here.

Now a YouTube video: