(Gasp) Hypocrisy In The Legislature!

…about health care. Apparently, the legislators decrying health care reform with the loudest voices, have chosen to receive state financed health benefits worth up to $733.00 a month- and they’re on the run.

From Mike Dennison at The Missoulian:

Legislative officials agreed Friday to a Lee Newspapers request to release the names of all legislators accepting health insurance benefits from the state, revealing that all but seven of the 150 lawmakers chose to receive the health benefits, worth up to $733 a month.

Within hours of the information’s release, the Montana House refused to consider a bill putting into state law that the information on lawmaker health benefits should always be made public.

Don Pogreba had this to say from Intelligent Discontent:

As always, Representative Knox best  represented the values of today’s Republican Party. He voted against the blast motion on SB 284 today, despite championing transparency about state spending two days earlier:

knox transparency

But let’s not end with Representative Knox today. Another well-known champion of liberty has apparently been seduced by the Marxist wiles of state bureaucracy and largesse. Even Representative Derek Skees has been transformed from a Galtian hero into a puppet of the state, gladly accepting benefits he knows to be socialistic.

I see chickens circling the henhouse- and the sun is going down…

But Wait, There’s More!

And I have a feeling it will just keep on coming.

Now that the mainstream press is following them a bit more closely (after the initial bravery and perseverence of Montana bloggers), some high-profile Tea Partiers in the Big Sky State are finding more of their personal histories exposed- and it ain’t pretty.

MT Cowgirl Blog has the lowdown on MT Tea Party links to The Church Universal and Triumphant, unpaid taxes and more. Check it out.
And keep your eyes peeled- I’m sure there’s more to come. I do wonder though, whether it will make a difference come November.

Update: Jay Stevens has links on all the pertinent craziness of the last week on Left In The West.