Rehberg’s (allegedly) Poor Polling Numbers

 Cowgirl has them:

Tester’s job approval is 50-26 whereas Dennis Rehberg’s is 41-34. There is a large swath of voters who say they have not decided. Strangely, Obama, in this same poll, is at 42-48, numbers that comport with polls we’ve seen in the press the last year or so. But it means that while Obama’s negatives are high in Montana (predictably so), his positive job approval is higher is than Rehberg’s. This is somewhat surprising. (emphasis mine)

I have never figured out what Montanans see in Rehberg- he’s not a leader, he’s never out in front of an issue- the exact opposite of Tester. Cowgirl again:

Rehberg doesn’t seem to really do anything in his job. He provides nothing beyond criticism of democrats in the form of regurgitated FoxNews talking points, whereas Tester is visibly active, always, and active on issues that resonate within important sectors of the electorate.

Exactly. Full story here.

Even Fox News Mocking The MT Legislature?

From Cowgirl:

Remember way back a long time ago earlier this session when the GOP tried to portray themselves as the party of the Constitution, even hosting a “seminar” about the Constitution from the conservative National Center for Constitutional Studies. Even now, you’ll still see one of these legislators occasionally whip one out, although it is usually only to try to brush some snack cake crumbs off of their other papers or to misapply it to justify their own kooky ideas.

No, the hypocrites in GOP can’t hide utter disdain for the actual document. Take Rep. Greg Hinkle (R-Spearhunter) who, when confronted in his anti-constitutional stance by Fox News of all things in a segment titled with the double entendre “Taking Liberties,” immediately dismisses the document.

Read the full story here– and watch the crazycrazy video.

Shining A Light Into The Scary Scary Dark…


Whether or not you believe the Montana Legislature has lost it (I don’t want to make clinical assessments about persons I haven’t evaluated personally); whether or not you believe some of the tripe that is being considered for legislation (I know- paranoia is hard to ignore); whether or not you are a believer in term-limits (where are the statesmen statespersons who are concerned for the long-term health and well-being of Montana, and not just for the spasmodic pushing through of personal, unscientific and socially ignorant positions? Sorry, bad sentence structure- read again) and whether or not you are a reasonable human being who would rather they just all go away and not come back for another two years (I’m trying to be open to the process, but I’m losing patience fast); this Legislature is doing things that require the voice of reason to increase in volume.

To wit: Nutjob Bills In The Montana Legislature.

And etc.: Natural Disaster: Republican legislators wage war on Montana’s environmental laws.

And just in case you missed it, the poster child of the 2011 Montana Legislature.

There is a chance to make your voice heard. Get involved. Speak.

And if you want some company, go here.

Tired of the Montana Legislature?

So am I.
I’m waiting for them to outlaw the internet.

But if you want some hope-renewing perspective, Matt Singer has it. Excerpt:

There’s a really funny dynamic setting up in Helena that can be seen from afar (a 30,000 foot perspective really can be useful at times). The tea party Republicans, having run and won on a platform of limited government and economic development, are largely dedicating themselves toinvasions of personal freedom and the advancement of pre-Civil War legal theories. That’s when they’re not undertaking full-fledged assaults on the U.S. Constitution.

Full heartwarming story here -and explanation of the graphic.
I heart Matt Singer.

And, of course, Cowgirl’s stirring the shit as always. I heart her, too.


But Wait, There’s More!

And I have a feeling it will just keep on coming.

Now that the mainstream press is following them a bit more closely (after the initial bravery and perseverence of Montana bloggers), some high-profile Tea Partiers in the Big Sky State are finding more of their personal histories exposed- and it ain’t pretty.

MT Cowgirl Blog has the lowdown on MT Tea Party links to The Church Universal and Triumphant, unpaid taxes and more. Check it out.
And keep your eyes peeled- I’m sure there’s more to come. I do wonder though, whether it will make a difference come November.

Update: Jay Stevens has links on all the pertinent craziness of the last week on Left In The West.