The “Tax Cheat”





Excellent article from (a friend of) Matt Singer at Left In The West. Excerpt:

There is something fundamentally different about the way conservatives communicate. When they talk about a topic they not only speak of an event, but they seem to dwell on the people involved. Think of the ugly stereotypes we’ve become acquainted with over time. The “Welfare Queen”, “Border Runner”, and now “Anchor Baby” are all part of our political vernacular. Instantly a mental image springs forth to fill in the hazy gaps in our minds, because the Right has not only built the narrative, more importantly they’ve cast the characters.

…But of course there’s no reason why we can’t learn from our mistakes by copying their strategy. And to those ends I’d like to suggest that our new villain is the “Tax Cheat”. The name itself tells us a few things. We’re not going to say that he’s rich, we’ll let the voters fill that one in for themselves. Which is great because this lets us play the class card, without offending any of our wealthy allies and donors who happen to have a conscience. But more importantly it says he has tax liability or that he owes something to society. Few people actually enjoy paying their taxes (although most people like what our taxes afford us), but we pay them nonetheless out of obligation to each other and future generations. Most importantly regardless of what we pay, each of us thinks individually that we pay our “fair share.” But the Tax Cheat doesn’t. He doesn’t contribute a dime toward all the things that make our system work. He still uses the parks, schools, and bridges like everyone else, but we the “tax-payers” end up footing the bill.

And it’s the entitled rich who get to play this game. I wonder if there are any “Tax Cheats” out there pretending to serve the People Of Montana while fleecing them? Does suing the taxpayers count?

Full story here.

For The Love Of Montana President’s Day Rally

Plus, there’s more!

Tired of the Montana Legislature?

So am I.
I’m waiting for them to outlaw the internet.

But if you want some hope-renewing perspective, Matt Singer has it. Excerpt:

There’s a really funny dynamic setting up in Helena that can be seen from afar (a 30,000 foot perspective really can be useful at times). The tea party Republicans, having run and won on a platform of limited government and economic development, are largely dedicating themselves toinvasions of personal freedom and the advancement of pre-Civil War legal theories. That’s when they’re not undertaking full-fledged assaults on the U.S. Constitution.

Full heartwarming story here -and explanation of the graphic.
I heart Matt Singer.

And, of course, Cowgirl’s stirring the shit as always. I heart her, too.


It Lives!

This is a bit belated, (Ok, VERY), but I wanted to congratulate and offer my support to my buddy Rob Kailey who is seeing to it that Left In The West continues to make a difference.

LITW has been an excellent clearinghouse for progressive Westerners and it continues to be. If you don’t know how it works, check it out. Anyone can have a diary there, and the forums are really easy to navigate and use.

Our voices are important- now more than ever.

So Long, Pal


You may have heard by now that Left In The West is closing up shop. Both Jay Stevens and Matt Singer are doing what naturally happens to self-reflective human beings: moving on.

I’m grateful to both of them- Left In The West promoted my writing (and this blog), and frankly, helped cinch my job with Bilerico. I always tried to return the favor- it’s good to have allies, even those with whom you don’t always completely agree.

Actually, especially then.

They’re not leaving us in the lurch, however. I’ll go out on a limb and say they promoted many of us who will be holding the torch they have so generously stoked. And there’ll be a lot of hands holding it proudly high (see Montana Peeps sidebar).

Thanks, guys. God speed.

It’s Gettin’ Harder To Keep Up

…but Jay Stevens is tryin’. He posted an excellent article today on Left In The West. Which by the way, I could have written myself (not as thoroughly or beautifully, of course- he’s a pro), but I agree with most of his points.

Check it out.

More to come….

Bipartisan Curious: Legalize Queer

Matt Singer from Left In The West has added some excellent points to the conversation about my ongoing struggle to publicize the latest Republican debacle.

Check them out HERE.